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Rapid increase in flexible work is exciting, but comes with some unique cyber security challenges.
While it’s easy to see the benefits of automation in certain areas of business, areas like human resources are a bit more difficult to analyze.
Migration is inevitable. In the world of data management, you’ll eventually need to upgrade your systems and shift data from one storage environment to another. But can you do this without compromising your data security?
When you're working with clients or customers on a regular basis, great customer service is crucial. However, as your business grows, it becomes harder to meet the needs of your clients. That's where help desk software comes in. It's a great way to automate your business, leading to mo...
There’s a silent epidemic sweeping through the programming industry and it doesn’t have to do with software, development, or algorithms. It’s much more personal. It has to do with health and the impact sedentary behavior has on the human body.
If the person leading your meetings isn’t a strong leader, they shouldn’t be running your meetings.
Content is key to online marketing. Your blog or website content can get consumers to stay on and read your site, and potentially become converted to your products or services.
Google offers many free products, but they may not be as free as you think. In return for the products and services you use, Google secretly monitors and collects data from you. They know more about you than you might want them to, but that’s the price you have to pay.
Artificial intelligence (AI) software is already starting to emerge to boost profitability and efficiency in the real estate industry, and it’s only going to accelerate from here.
As much as we might dislike it, the world’s economy runs on debt. In order to sustain business as usual, debt is an inherent piece of the system.
You may be surprised to learn that plenty of household items you never thought were recyclable actually are.
With artificial intelligence and big data making prominent waves in industries everywhere, IBM is offering several new cloud services that will pair with their BlueMix service. It will offer better organization, smoother data generation, and accelerated migration to the cloud. Ultimate...